Why Bolivia’s former interim president is accused of a ‘coup’. world

Why Bolivia’s former interim president is accused of a ‘coup’.  world

Political tension in Bolivia Stunned by the arrest of the country’s former interim president Jean JeanñezSaturday morning (13) in an operation led by Johnny Aguilera, the Commander General of the Bolivian Police, charged with “Morning, Terrorism and Conspiracy”.

His arrest came after the arrests of former interim ministers of justice Colvaro Coímbra, and olvaro Rodrigo Guzmán, and arrest warrants were also issued for other former members of the same government, which he took after the resignation of Evo Morales.

According to the Bolivian press, on Friday night, authorities attacked Anj’s home in Trinidad City, about 600 kilometers from La Paz. According to the Bolivian Information Agency, the country’s government is found hidden inside a box. bed.

This measure increased hostility between the current leftist executive and the more conservative opposition, and led to major controversies in the country.

But what exactly are the members of andñez and the transitional executive accused of?

Government Minister Eduardo Del Castillo said on Saturday that Prosecutors issued arrest warrants against orsñez “Because of the coup in our country”.

Del Castillo reported that the investigation against illoñez and his ministers began in December and would follow due process, the Reuters news agency reported.

Authorities have also issued arrest warrants for former interim presidential ministers, Yerko Nunez; Sarkar (Internal), Arturo Murillo; And defense, Luis Fernando Lopez. The last two are not in the country.

The Samajwadi government, which came to power in October last year, accused the government and former police and military leaders of overthrowing Evo Morales in a coup in 2019.

The coup’s thesis, defended by the current Bolivian government, is rebutted by opposition areas suggesting that the alleged electoral fraud in 2019 led to social upheaval with which Morales intended to remain in power for the fourth consecutive time, The Constitution allows only two consecutive terms, regardless of country.

Áñez assured that he would turn to international organizations – Photo: Reuters

Áñez was in power until the end of 2020, when Evo Morales’ socialist party Movimiento al Socializmo (MAS) won the October election at the head of the ticket with Luis Aers.

It said Jet himself to be before his arrest. “Official persecution has begun,” the former president said in his official Twitter account. “MAS decided to return to the style of dictatorship,” he said.

“We are not committing any kind of political persecution, we are not scaring anyone thinking differently, because this process has already started in our country before the 2020 administration”, Minister of Government , Eduardo del Castel del Carpio said.

Authorities attacked Anj’s house in Trinidad city, about 600 km from La Paz – Photo: Getty Image

“This government does not pursue anybody, what it is doing is that there is justice in our country,” he said.

In the letters, he condemned “systematic violations of human rights in Bolivia through unbridled political oppression”.

Political leaders from the MAS and the opposition spoke before the incident and exchanged harsh accusations. Former President Ivo Morales (2006–2019) on Twitter called for sanctions.

“For justice and truth for the 36 deadly victims, more than 800 injured and more than 1,500 are illegally detained in the coup. Leave the criminals and dictatorship allies who looted the economy and life and democracy in Bolivia Attacked. ” They said.

Aroundñez’s interim government represented a major change in MAS policies and under his government, the Public Ministry also issued an arrest warrant against Morales for “treason and terrorism”.

The former interim government minister, Arturo Murillo, was tasked with reporting on the order, and is now somewhat like that.

“My solidarity with the woman, mother and friend of former President Jeanine gaveñez who gave her everything, including her freedom for Bolivia. She tolerates the abuse of a tyrannical government. Friendly force, we are on the right side of history, and she will. Be the one who judges us ”, he wrote on Twitter on Saturday, from an undisclosed location.

“But, above all, it violates MAS’s decision to violate the law and the rule of law and to violently persecute and subjugate Bolivians who believe in democracy and freedom,” he said. Added on twitter.

Vigilance and order Fair trial of

International organizations also talked about what happened. The director of Human Rights Watch for America, Jose Miguel Vivanco, noted on Twitter that there is no evidence in the arrest warrant against Áñez and his ministers that he had committed the crime of ‘terrorism’.

“Therefore, they arouse suspicion that it is a process based on political reasons”, assessed Vivanco.

Was arrested at dawn on Saturday – Photo: Getty Images

“Arrest warrants against Ozone and his ministers – such as arrests against Ivo Morales in 2020 – a vague figure of ‘terrorism’ that lends itself to arbitrariness,” he said, recalling in 2020, his organization Alleged that Morales was withdrawn for the same reason.

However, in a later tweet, he also indicated that, during “ñez’s government,” there were “serious violations of human rights, including two Ajat massacres” and that he was investigated “with all due respect for due process” Called.

This Saturday, some people with posters walked to the door of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in La Paz to call a group to demand “justice” for repression in Sakaba, Cochabamba and Senkata, Al Alto, during the 2018 crisis Can be kept Justice and imprisonment for the former president.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bolivia (OHCHR) in turn called for a “fair, free and fair” test and protecting “due process”.

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