With daily tests, Palmeiras may have less time for athletes to return

Key Cast palm trees He reappeared last Wednesday and one of the tests conducted by the club was the Covid-19 test, which diagnosed five athletes with positive results for the disease. Other times, they will all certainly be away for at least ten days, but Vardao currently deals with the possibility of returning in a short period of quarantine.

LANCE! According to the report, Alviverde believes it will be able to rely on Weatherton, Patrick de Paula, Gustavo Scarpa, Breno Lopes and Rafael Navarro in the short term, which was previously considered as a protocol. All of them are asymptomatic and will be monitored daily, being submitted for testing to find out if they are “positive” or if they are already “negative”.

because they have no symptoms of the disease, a test that results in a negative coronavirus This may have already released athletes to training with the rest of their teammates, as the onset of the disease may have occurred sometime earlier and they may already be at the end of a ten-day quarantine period that would subject them to another must have been done. Times. Therefore, there is no major concern about training gaps in relation to teammates.

The CDC, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reduced the recommended quarantine time for people who test positive for COVID-19. From ten days, this period was reduced to five, because according to studies, there is a period of contamination at the onset of the disease, which justifies only five days of isolation.

“This change is driven by scientific demonstration that most transmission of SARS-CoV-2 occurs in the early stages of the disease, usually one or two days before the onset of symptoms and two or three days after,” the statement said. US agency December 27.

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“On January 4, the CDC updated the isolation and quarantine recommendations for Covid-19 to a shorter period of five days (for asymptomatic people with mild symptoms), when one person has the greatest potential to infect others, This is followed by an additional period of five days with the use of a mask”, published the organ last Wednesday.

Thus, and based on the latest scientific studies, Palmeiras’ medical department may release isolated players in a shorter time than expected, promoting their re-integration into the group sooner. It may be noted that none of these matters are related to the dispute. club world cupWhich happened only in the month of February.

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