With new features to send WhatsApp images and statuses; see how it will work

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Specialized in advancing site resources WhatsAppWABetaInfo revealed that the company is bringing new functionality for users to send images in conversation and status. This discovery was made in the beta version of Messenger for iOS

The user will gain more control over the disclosure of the image or photo, whether in a chat or a status. There will be more options besides being able to edit content or add captions.

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According to the information, in relation to the image sent in the conversation, the user will be able to select other contacts, to whom the image will be automatically sent simultaneously.

In the case of the situation, it would be possible to have control over each post, defining who can see and who cannot. The options will be overview, delete or allow access to certain contacts.

It should be noted that some of these features can already be found in the Camera tab of WhatsApp, The latest updates refer to the organization done by Messenger to promote the best experience for users.

Contact on the web version of WhatsApp

Many Brazilians like to use WhatsApp In computer (web) version. For example, this feature makes it a lot easier when it comes to the breadth of applications to be used at work. However, it is not possible to add new contacts through this medium.

In fact, Messenger does not offer a native functionality that allows adding a new contact directly to its web version. However, there are some means that can guarantee this operation.

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You can associate the contact with your Google Account, which is synced with your Google Contacts. WhatsAppIf the phone is Android, or via InTouchApp, which also works syncing data with your Google Account.

Apart from these, another option is to use the URL of WhatsApp, which refers to a Messenger link with a desired number. Although it is not saved, it is possible to keep the conversation with the contact active through the browser.

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See how to add a contact to your WhatsApp Web

use google account

  1. In the browser, access the Google Contacts page;
  2. Click “Create Contact”;
  3. In the opened menu, select “Create a contact”;
  4. Fill in the contact details and click “Save”;
  5. After a few moments, the WhatsApp calendar will sync with your Google account and the contact will automatically appear.

Using InTouchApp

  1. Install the InTouchApp application on your cell phone, which is available for Android and iOS;
  2. Tap on “Create New Account” to create a new account on the Platform;
  3. Follow the guidance to be able to register on the platform;
  4. Once this is done, the system will be synchronized with your Google Account;
  5. On PC, open the browser and install the InTouchApp extension;
  6. Next, tap the extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser and log in with your account by scanning the QR code on your cell phone;
  7. Then, tap on the “Extensions” icon on PC again and enter the new contact’s data and save it;
  8. Ready, through the application the number will be saved and synchronized with your cell phone.
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using whatsapp link

  1. In the search field of your browser, enter the URL https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=[Código do país + DDD + número]Fill in the area in square brackets without using spaces;
  2. Access the link and click “Start a conversation”;
  3. Then click “Use WhatsApp Web”;
  4. A conversation will be opened directly on Messenger with the number provided. It is worth remembering that the contact will not be saved, but it will be possible to keep the chat active.

Ready! Now you know three ways to add or chat with a new contact on WhatsApp Web.

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