With the Warriors Tetra, can Stephen Curry be considered one of the 10 greatest players in NBA history?

With the Warriors Tetra, can Stephen Curry be considered one of the 10 greatest players in NBA history?

As the last 48th minute whistle blows at TD Garden, Stephen Curry writes another iconic page in NBA history, The leader of a dynasty saved Golden State Warriors It’s sadly the third franchise with the most titles in the NBA—that’s seven, surpassing Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls for six.

He also won the award for Final MVPwho should have come in 2015 If justice is done. Therefore, it is only natural that the point guard resumes the debate about his place among the greatest in the history of the sport.

In 2016, ESPN North American publicized a list about top 100 players From league history – Stephen Curryat that time with only one title, was in 23rd place, Earlier this year, ‘The Athletic’ also made its list and put the point guard in 15th, then with three headings on his resume. Now a four-time NBA champion, the heated debate in the United States is whether the shirt 30 already deserves to be considered a top 10,

– In a league with a history of 75 years, it is always difficult and controversial to select the top 10. But this Golden State team changed the way we played in the NBA and ‘set the rules’ of what we see today. Curry is the biggest symbol of this team. You can get a place in top-10. Just don’t ask me who goes – comments ‘SportTV’ storyteller Everaldo Marx.

The numbers are next to the shirt 30: There are now four NBA titles — the same number as star LeBron James, for example –; Two regular season MVPs – one of which is the only unanimous one in history; a final MVP; Eight All-NBA and eight All-Star Game appearances. And that’s not all: Curry’s biggest argument is to be considered revolutionary in the game.

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“Curry has always been underrated. A lot of weight was placed on top of this MVP award in the finals that he now has. He’s the greatest pitcher ever and he changed the game for good. So, yeah , he deserves to be in the top-10 – says Guilherme Giovannoni, former player and commentator on ‘ESPN’ channels.

Basketball has been marked by many changes in its style of play and rules over the years. In the 60s and 70s Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain noted a major sport for centers and extremely physical. Julius Erving in the ’80s and Michael Jordan in the ’90s changed the way they played, showing that tighter guards and pawns were more efficient at securing wins. So it went on until Curry showed up and showed it wasn’t enough.

Curry brought with him the importance of three-pointers, so much so that he is regarded as the greatest kicker in NBA history. It has a lot to do with its throw, also revolutionary because of the speed and accuracy of its mechanics. Stephen raised the “catch and shoot” to a level where it became dangerous out of nowhere on the court, making it so fast that it hit balls even though it was well marked.

In 2015, when the Warriors were champions for the first time, the entire NBA shot nearly 52,000 three-pointers. This season, there were about 78,000 long-range shots – an increase of 26,000. Last November, at the start of the 2021/22 season, Curry became the all-time leading three-pointer in regular season history, overtaking Ray Allen. At that time he had reached 2,977 balls.

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“The parameters can be so complex that you may need to go beyond the most ordinary statistics and get into the philosophy of the game, the impact your style on the court has had on the game in general. And there it’s undeniable that Steph Curry revolutionized the current way of playing basketball — and not just in the NBA — offensively, defensively with his long-range balls: How to stop it? – says narrator Robbie Porto.

These days it’s practically impossible for a franchise to become an NBA champion without good long-distance kickers. It also changed defensive tactics, increasing the formation in a “small ball” (a team of smaller stature and greater agility) designed to mark good shooters. Curry not only revolutionized the way the league attacked, but also defended himself.

Off the court, Curry also changed the image players are seen in the NBA. No wonder it’s a hit with kids. Over the years, the league has been dominated by the likes of LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Michael Jordan and now Giannis Antetokounmpo of outstanding talent and in a way rarely seen. Curry is only 1.88 meters and thin. When he was drafted, many said that he would not get a place in the league because of his physical size. This too is over.

– For everything he represents in the current NBA, for the title… but the basic thing is what he is on and off the court. As a player, the impact is huge. But it also affects children, for social reasons. He is the biggest reference in the NBA today and manages to bring a huge passion for basketball outside of it. He is already in the top 10 players. We’ll have to finish his career to see if he will go even higher – comments ESPN commentator Riccardo Bulgarelli.

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Curry also overcame disbelief. When he lost the MVP title, he was asked if he could be champion without an “assistant”. In 2015, Andre Iguodala stole the spotlight for “nulling” LeBron James in the final against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2017 and 2018, superstar Kevin Durant stole the show in the finals. Now, Curry shows he can lead a franchise to the title.

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