Woman taking a picture of a woman hidden in the gym. Online diary

A jovem fazia um exercício para as pernas e percebeu pelo reflexo do espelho

A woman was horrified through a mirror to realize that a man was taking pictures of her while working outside.

The woman shared the stir over the video and more than 16 million Internet users watched the scene of the rebellion. Known only as Julia, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), she was filming training for her YouTube channel when the incident occurred. The information is from the Daily Star.

The woman was doing a leg workout, facing a mirror, lying on the gym bench. As he continued on Rips, he saw a man behind him, a cell phone in hand with a camera aimed at his buttocks.

He suddenly leans down and seems to be taking a picture of her before quickly waking up and walking around to call a friend. Julia realizes what was happening, and you can see her drowning as she looks at the reflection in the mirror to find her friend showing her phone.

The affected person said that the incident took place in January: “I was looking at myself in the mirror and I saw it. He refused to take a picture, which disappointed me to think about it. He asked the opinion of the followers in the caption and many believe that his theory is correct.


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