Woman tries to withdraw money and discovers US$1 billion balance in bank account

Woman tries to withdraw money and discovers US$1 billion balance in bank account

residents of the state Florida, in the United States, was surprised when attempting to withdraw the minimum amount of a Cash machine Last Sunday (20). Upon requesting US$20, an amount equivalent to R$100, he received notices that he had approximately US$1 billion in his personal account.

Julia Yankowski, a resident of Largo City, saw on a receipt issued by the cashier that she had a bank balance US$ 999,985,855.94. However, he revealed, he did not know where this amount could come from.

“Oh my god, I was dreadful. I know most people will think they won the lottery, but I was horrified,” said the elderly woman in an interview with North American portal WFLA over the weekend.

Julia reveals she was scared while withdrawing bank statement at ATM


After the shock, Julia tries to contact representatives of ‘Chase Bank’, the institution where she maintains her bank account. However, he was unable to contact the other representatives. telephone service.

small clearance

With frustration at the contact attempt, Yankowski also revealed that she chose not to revisit the account, precisely because she was not identified. Original of money

“When I tried to withdraw $20, the machine informed me that I might be getting an overdraft and would have to pay a fee. So I thought, ‘No, forget it.'”

Julia Yankowski

Florida resident

She also said that she also shared the bill with her husband, but man he died Recently. “I’ve read stories about people who took money and had to give it back. It scares me because I’m afraid of threats from the internet.”

bank response

Despite the lack of contact over the weekend, Chase Bank also provided positioning to the New York Post this Tuesday (22).

According to bank spokeswoman Amy Bonitatibus, the amount shown to the elderly woman was not the correct balance, but a negative value Used by the bank to draw Julia’s attention to an account problem.

“Our local branch and our group customer service got in touch with Ms. Yankowski just yesterday to clarify discrepancy“, guaranteed the rep for the publication of The Post.

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