World sports sees new reality with vaccination of athletes and fans

World sports sees new reality with vaccination of athletes and fans

Russia already has Europe’s most permissive policies towards the public, and Zenit wants to keep 50,000 people in its stadium

A sporting event with full bleachers nowadays looks like a picture of an already distant past or an image of an uncertain future. Around the world, various authorities and institutions have taken steps to bring the game closer once again. And in some cases, they look for concrete possibilities for this.

Russia’s Zenits are also predicting the rest of their country. In early March, the club released a campaign to offer Russian Sputnik to their fans: “We will offer free vaccination in each of their remaining four home games in the season,” he said.

Any pro over the age of 18 can come to the stadium before matches, with documents and get an immunizer. It is unclear how the club confirms the team of people.

Russia already has one of the most permitted policies in Europe regarding fans, and Zenit wants to keep 50 thousand people at its stadium, Gazprom Arena. The venue has a capacity for 68,000 people and is expected to host the Euro Games this year. If it depends on Russian, with support.

According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, with about 145.9 million inhabitants, about 3% of the population in the country is fully vaccinated against coronovirus.

In a more advanced stage, Bahrain, a Persian Gulf country with 1.7 million people, is immune to about 15% of its population.

Last Sunday (28), the country hosting the first phase of F1 2021 offered the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine to all members of the padcock, including media professionals.

The proposal was sent by the local government before the start of the pre-season, which was also made two weeks earlier. Officially, the F1 organization has declined the offer, alleging that it would be unethical to leave the queue in the UK, where most of the teams are based. However, there was no general recommendation for staffing teams to accept or administer vaccines.

Carlos Sainz, a 31-year-old Ferrari from Red Bull and a 26-year-old Spanish driver from Mexican Sergio Perez, said he took shots. 49-year-old Mercedes chief Austrian Toto Wolff preferred to wait for his turn in the United Kingdom, home of the team.

Ferrari was the only team in Bahrain to publicly encourage its employees to vaccinate, arguing that the act would help counter anti-vaccine movements.

In addition to offering defenders, Bahrain allowed the presence of vaccinated fans in the race. F1 has indicated that it does not intend to change its health safety protocol, at least for now.

In the United States, the main sports leagues (which serve as data sources for scientists to study the virus) have revealed waivers of certain rules and benefits to people taking immunologists.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Prevention Control), more than 100 million doses have already been given in the country. On Monday (29), President Joe Biden announced that 90% of the adult population could be vaccinated on April 19.
In the NFL, a football league, each of the 32 teams fully vaccinated, collects ten people during the draft (the process of hiring university students), without the mandatory use of masks or distances, except with permission. Will be able to To drink and eat on site.

“The NFL and NFL Players Association have no intention of making the Kovid-19 vaccine mandatory for players, coaches and employees. We are focusing on education.

The NFL had a full season in 2020, with some games postponed, but none canceled. In February of this year the public was partially allowed in some stadiums, including the Super Bowl.

The NBA adopts the same measures as the American Football League. Vaccination is not compulsory, but privileges will be granted to those who are infected, for example the need for quarantine is explored after less testing and exposure to infected people.

Detection of athletes who were infected caused embezzlement for some teams. Even with negative tests, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers missed the All-Star Game by visiting a barber-infected barber.

Other benefits include the possibility of relatives and friends moving into the homes of athletes who are able to eat outside in restaurants and move from home to sports facilities with vaccinated individuals, without the need for tests.

When a team vaccinates 85% of its employees, protected people will not be required to wear masks on campus.
The Miami Heat should open their gym areas this week only to vaccinated fans, with mandatory use of masks, but less strict distance rules.

With more than 331 million residents, the United States has a vaccination rate of 440 people per thousand inhabitants as of this Tuesday (30). Overall, more than 30.3 million Kovid and 550.1 thousand deaths due to the disease have been recorded in the country.

Infectious disease specialist Sylvia Lemos Hinrichsen, a consultant at the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, says that even the vaccine should continue to follow the social protocols suggested by science, and that the inclusion of athletes in the vaccination plan Depends on the reality of each country. .

“If there is enough vaccine in the country to guarantee two doses with capillaries so that it can give quick, great immunizations to all ages. If not, prioritized artifacts should be used, ”he says.

“Unless there is a national strategic plan, stay in any country in the world that guarantees immunization of the highest-risk priority groups, the inclusion of athletes should be very well evaluated.”

She also understands that it is difficult to imagine that athletes help change the opinions and attitudes of those who do not want to be vaccinated.

In England, the government plans to authorize the public to return to stadiums, generally in June, according to Culture Secretary Oliver Gauden. But in the FA Cup final, early May 15, the government expects to have 10,000 fans at Wembley Stadium, all vaccinated and screened beforehand – it will be a testing event.

In Brazil, according to the National Immunization Scheme, there is no provision for vaccination of sportsmen. According to the Ministry of Health, vaccination of military athletes will have priority, as they are active. The information was initially published on the GE website and confirmed by the report.

“Paralympic athletes will have priority if they are within the group of people with comorobidity as determined by the vaccination plan,” Folder said.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bak said earlier this month that the organization would buy vaccines from China for those who would qualify for the Tokyo Games to be held in July and August this year. It is unclear how the delivery and the required dose will work.

Brazil’s Olympic Committee said it has sent a letter to the IOC requesting more information about the measure and that it would honor the national plan.

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