WWDC 2021: See all the news announced by Apple

WWDC 2021: See all the news announced by Apple

a Apple This Monday (7) the opening of WWDC 2021, its annual conference dedicated to developers and in which it presents the main news in terms of software to the public.

Among the news are news about the official announcement of iOS 15 and its news, advanced functions in the camera, Apple Maps with enhanced augmented reality and improved virtualization, as well as other iGadgets systems. See a summary of key announcements made by Apple at WWDC 2021.

iOS 15

hey iOS 15 is finally confirmed by Apple And the beta phase dedicated to developers just starts. The system should get a public beta next month and, while no major news has been received, is full of small additions that consolidate Apple’s proposal for a system increasingly focused on user convenience.

apple facetime

hey FaceTime was one of the features that got the most news. It’s got support for Apple’s Space Audio and promises clear conversations, as if the contact was with you physically.

Video calls will sound more natural with spatial audio (Image: PRESS/Apple)

In addition, Apple’s video calling has borrowed many features from rivals such as Google meet, zoom e Facebook, and now highlight who speaks in a group call, allowing direct links to meetings (which also work via the web for Android and Windows) and blurring the background.

Apple’s Share Play system is also integrated into Communicator and allows you to listen to music, watch movies, and share the screen with your contacts. This is a basic watch party that works with services like Disney+, TIC Toc and supports HBO Max and picture-in-picture.

shared with you

It’s “Apple Pocket” and works with links received through messages, Apple News has a section dedicated to it, and also works with Apple Music, Photos, Safari, and Apple TV. The idea is to provide access to everything they share with you and save links you find on the Internet.


big Highlight is due to live texta style system google lens Capable of reading and extracting images or textual information on the camera (such as the name or phone number of a restaurant).

Text recognition also works with screen capture (Image: Broadcast/Apple)

Another novelty worth remembering is (literally) Memories: a feature similar to the Google Photos function of the same name, it creates automatic archiving with old images and videos saved in the iOS Photos app. This feature also adds a clip with music and all to pack records from the past.

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smart notifications

It’s now possible to mark your status as “Do Not Disturb” in Apple’s Messenger so that you don’t receive notifications when you need to stay focused. Your contacts will be notified of this situation and can send a notification to your device anyway if there is an urgent.


Anyone using an AirPod will get a significant boost with targeted audio and a reinforced layer of external noise isolation. New additions also include improved support for the Find My feature, which now alerts you when the headphones are at a great distance from each other (something that’s able to prevent you from missing an item in pairs without noticing ). Apple’s spatial audio still works AirPods Paired with macOS computers and Apple TV devices (tvOS).

Apple Maps

Want to reduce distance from Google’s competitor, the Apple Maps now brings more street details and establishments, expanding the virtualization of representations made on the map. This, Apple ensures, should help drivers better understand the road resources at their disposal when traveling by car. Maps now has an augmented reality system that also improves the navigation of walking around the city.

The thumbnails make the sights look like parts of a mockup (Image: Reproduction/Apple)


Promising a better hands-on browsing experience, Safari was also updated by Apple on Monday. The big news here is a feature called Tab Groups, which opens group tabs and provides better synchronization with other devices in the Apple ecosystem, such as the iPad and MacBook. In addition, the browser now supports extensions on iOS and can have a custom home screen.

The new Safari tabs look like Firefox’s new look (Image: PLAYBACK/Apple)

weather and notes

The Weather app has been revamped in iOS 15 to make the information more prominent, for the weather-conscious. Clima received new animations, more elements to render the desired forecast and wallpapers that represent the researched location. In addition, Maps also promotes this with dynamic maps that depict temperature, precipitation probability, and other details.

Maps will show heat zones, precipitation probability and more pictorial details (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

In this context of refurbishment, the Notes also received a handsome retread. The app looks more in line with other Apple apps, allowing for “Quick Notes” and quick notes via Notes with the Apple Pen on the iPad, while iPhone Tags were received to classify each block, to refer peers, and to notify them in shared files and tags.

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Privacy took a lot of place in the presentation. For Apple, the right to privacy should be universal and this vision is reflected in its products. So the company optimized speech recognition to fit inside the iPhone by default, freeing users from having to send their speech to a server and, in parallel, significantly reducing latency.

The email application is also enhanced with Mail Privacy Protection, additional layers of security that are responsible for preventing surveillance attempts by the sender. In addition, app tracking transparency is now with the App Privacy Report, a dashboard that describes how apps authorized to access system resources (camera, microphone, personal files, photos and contacts) have also taken advantage of the permission in the past seven days. raised. Along the lines of Android 12 Privacy Panel.


It has become even more beneficial to subscribe to iCloud. What is included in the service now Apple it iCloud+. says, which integrates Hide My Email, improvements to HomeKit Secure Video, a service to reinforce security and privacy when browsing the web, and Private Relay, which as a service allows the origination and forwarding of browsing packages. does the mask. vpn. best? The complete package will be included at no additional cost.

iPad 15

As always, iPadOS will come with iOS and will reach version 15 as well. In this, Apple’s tablet system will receive valuable features that will give the user more space for multitasking, an application library (like the iPhone) and many additional features. Mobile operating systems including FaceTime and Live Text extensively revamped to analyze content and text from the camera.

iPadOS 15 received features from iOS 14 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Still in productivity, iPadOS gained a powerful “Do Not Disturb” mode to help you focus on tasks. The translation app was also revamped, now with better screen usage. For programmers, Swift Playgrounds has officially arrived on tablets, allowing code to be generated directly from it and uploaded to the App Store without the need for a computer.

If that’s not enough, there is also Universal Control (or “Universal Control” in free translation). This feature allows users to use the same keyboard and mouse to control an iPad and Mac, iMac or MacBook, as if they were both the same machine. With the feature, apart from browsing without interruption, files can be transferred from one device to another with a simple drag of the mouse.

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watchOS 8

watchOS 8 improves on everything that was good in previous versions and adds interesting functions to the wearable. The Clock System is packed with tools to improve wellness detection, bringing together a variety of already existing features into a more complete report.

watchOS 8 was announced at WWDC 2021 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

The most memorable pictures will also get a place apple watch. The smartwatch uses artificial intelligence to recognize faces in photos taken on iGadgets and highlight them on the main screen. Everything that’s cool in Photos is synced with the wearable, including collections and memories. File sharing was not abandoned and, with the update, users will be able to send items via messages and email simply by browsing the watch, thanks to the new share sheet.

MacOS Monterey

macOS Monterey was announced by Apple, to ship computers and leave them on the same page as other systems. The software isn’t all that different from its predecessor, macOS Big Sur, but it doesn’t outpace Apple PCs, introducing the same new features present in iPadOS and iOS: FaceTime, no-distraction mode, Universal Controls, and so on. .

MacOS is Apple’s new system for Monterey computers (Image: PRESS RELEASE/Apple)

Evolving integration is a big highlight, but the company’s software is optimized for larger screens. New Apple Maps features available on macOS as well as Live Text, iCloud+ and Spatial Audio (for compatible devices) cpu Apple M1.

tvOS 15

Similar to macOS Monterey is tvOS 15, without any special additions, but with its sister systems in development by introducing features and integration. The most notable innovation, in turn, will be spatial audio, which is ideal with a good film due to the accuracy of the sound direction.

FaceTime improvements are here too, including the invaluable addition of SharePlay, for watching movies, watching series, listening to good music, or mirroring the screen next to friends on a video call. Currently, the system is already in beta 1 for developers.

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