Xbox exclusive announced for PlayStation

Xbox exclusive announced for PlayStation

Tunic is a game inspired by Zelda and has some mechanics similar to games like Soul. It was released for Xbox and PC this year, but from what was announced in the previous State of Play, the game will come to PlayStation later this year, exclusively on September 17th.

Anyone who has played it knows very well that many secrets can be accessed at almost any time during the game, but this is only possible for those who already know these secrets (shortcuts, weapons and passives). Huh. And this has also been confirmed by the creator of the game himself.

“I used to think there was no secret in this game, because I knew them all. But now that the tunic is ready, it’s as valid as it is for people to delight in all the things we hid Is.
There’s really a lot to discover, and I hope players feel kind of surprised by how this game was inspired by. I’m so proud of what we’ve created and I can’t wait for everyone to go out and explore. ,

It was unclear whether it would use DualSense features, but at least the PlayStation app confirms that it will use the PlayStation 5’s system hint feature. And another point that’s not clear is why the game hasn’t been announced for Nintendo Switch yet, but we should see the game release on the platform in the future.

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