Young man lost half of his skull after severe sinusitis

Young man lost half of his skull after severe sinusitis

a 25 year old american girl half of the skull removed because of one severe sinusitis, 25 year old Natasha Gunther emergency neurosurgery After worsening of symptoms.

Natasha explained, “I kept going to my doctor, who prescribed antibiotics for common sinus infections. But I got so sick that I threw up a lot and got terrible migraines.”

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The California resident, sharing his story on TikTok, warned that “simple” looking frames should be closely monitored. “It all started because I had too many sinus infections last year. I had five or six of them,” he said.


The emergency surgery took place on December 12 last year, when her parents forced her to undergo a CT scan. That same night, he made craniotomy

the surgeons discovered Large amount of bacteria in the scalp of the girl, Due to sinus infection. “This mass moved my brain 9 millimeters to the right,” he said.

“They removed about 12 to 14 cm of my skull. I stayed in the hospital for another five weeks and I also had a new sinus surgery, The surgeons told me that if I hadn’t gone to the hospital, I would have died within a week.”

He will undergo further surgery this year to reconstruct the skull. The same part taken from his body will be used.

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