Camila Cardoso charms legend, is 1st Brazilian varsity champion and targets WNBA

Camila Cardoso charms legend, is 1st Brazilian varsity champion and targets WNBA

Kamila Cardoso has always dreamed of pursuing a career in American basketball. At the age of 20, Montes Claros-MG’s Brazilian has the WNBA (USA Women’s Basketball League) as her main objective. Recent achievements and impressive numbers favor the mining company and bring its dream closer to a reality. In the United States, this is already known.

Earlier this month, Kamilla was the NCAA champion, the nation’s premier college basketball division. Center led the University of South Carolina (South Carolina Gamecock) team to a 64-49 victory over the Yukon Huskies of Connecticut. With the win, he became the first Brazilian to lift the 2.01m trophy from Minas Gerais. The final had four points and three rebounds.

Considered one of the most promising players in Brazil, Camila Cardoso moved to America at the age of 15. While working there in these five years, Dhuri showed the qualities to be appointed as the great star of the new generation of Brazilian team. As for Estadao, she said her biggest difficulty adapting to America was learning to speak English, but she understands that she had no problem because she was Brazilian and wanted a place in the country.

“I don’t think I had major challenges because I’m Brazilian and playing basketball in America. My only challenge was going there when I was very young. I was only 15, I couldn’t speak English, I Kamila said, ‘Don’t know how to say anything, just ‘Hi’. In my first few months, it was very difficult to communicate. I also missed my family a lot. But playing basketball was not an obstacle for me.’

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The Brazilian knows the importance of his victory in a sport that is dominated by the Americans. Even with a full career ahead of him, the trophy lifted at such a young age gives visibility to the sport and opens doors for young people and children who want to take advantage of the sport to show themselves in Minas Gerais want.

“I understand that my achievement in the NCAA is very important to me and to many people in Brazil, because I encourage boys and girls. I am very happy to provide this to people”, Kamila began. “I’m also very happy to be the first Brazilian to reach the NCAA Finals. I hope to continue to encourage everyone to keep going, not to give up on their dreams, to keep fighting. You have to believe in your dreams.” will happen, and you will be able to conquer them.”

Brazilian basketball has faced many problems over the years. Besides political disorganization, which has been reported for many years as a major factor in the lack of development of the sport, a lack of investment in basic categories prevents local teams and selections from being able to capture significant talent.

A typical example of what happens in local basketball is Camilla. She went to the USA and dreamed of such an objective as she knew she would hardly find space and launch in Brazil. Even realizing that this was not a determining factor, Axis points to his lack of appreciation of the sport as a belief that guided his decision to leave the country.

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“I think the lack of investment in basketball didn’t weigh that much in my decision. My dream has always been to play basketball in the USA, because I already knew the sport didn’t matter that much in Brazil. But I don’t think so. That’s a lot of interference. My dream was to play in ‘high school’, in ‘college’ and then go to the WNBA, and it wouldn’t be possible to play in Brazil”, he explained.

Kamila Cardoso defends Hamilton Heights Christian Academy in Tennessee in the so-called ‘high school’, which is the equivalent of a high school in Brazil. His good performance generated controversy between the universities of West Virginia and Mississippi. The miner chose to go to Syracuse, where he made history. In a win over Boston College, Kamilla had 24 points and seven rebounds, shooting 11 of 10, making her the second-highest score by a Syracuse player in women’s basketball history.

At the request of multiple-time Olympic and world champion Don Staley, South Carolina chose Kamila Cardoso. The coach was pleased with the Brazilian’s performance and insisted on adding him to his NCAA team.

Camilla has served for the Brazil national team on two occasions. However, it is normal that with the development of career, basketball players give up the dream of wearing pale green in order to devote themselves exclusively to the most important league in the world. The mining company, in turn, denies that it will give preference to the WNBA while it is there, and reiterates its desire to defend the national team.

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“Playing in the national team should be the dream of any Brazilian athlete, whether male or female. I have already participated in the national team twice, one in the Americas Cup and the other in the Pre-World Cup. It takes me a lot to continue. Interested to represent our country. Acting in the WNBA has been my desire since I was 11″, said Kamila, who also analyzed the management of Brazilian basketball and praised Jose Neto, the national team’s coach since 2019 .

“The arrival of Jose Neto has helped a lot in opening up the selection of young girls like me. He is opening the doors to the future”, before evaluating the appearance of the historic Brazilian player Magic Paula to the position of Brazilian Basketball Confederation’s director Introduced Kamilla. ..” I think it’s very important to have Magic Paula as the Vice President of the CBB. She has been in many competitions with the national team, was a champion and knows how it works and how to handle situations. Paula gives girls a lot of confidence. And helps out with everything that’s needed for it. It’s really nice to have her in that position.”

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