China’s Xi Jinping told the United Nations that democracy is ‘not a special right reserved for any one country’. World

China's Xi Jinping told the United Nations that democracy is 'not a special right reserved for any one country'.  World

President of Chinahandjob Xi Jinping, defended and criticized multilateralism which he called “the monopoly to defend democracy” during his speech on Tuesday (21). 76th General Assembly of the United Nations (him-her-it), in New York.

“Democracy is not a special right reserved for one country, but the right of the people of all countries,” the Chinese president said in a broadcast.

Xi spoke later Joe Biden, President of Americahandjob Get Your Start at the United Nations. In a calm and measured speech, the Chinese did not mention the historical rivalry against the Americans, but indirectly criticized the country and recent movements in the West.

In his speech, for example, the president said that external military interventions to promote democracy in other countries “have only done harm” – without directly referring to the US and US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The differences and problems between countries, which are difficult to avoid, need to be addressed through dialogue and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect,” Xi said.

Furthermore, the Chinese president said that the world should “reject the practice of forming small groups”, in an apparent reference to Recently announced military agreements by the US, Australia and the UK To provide the Australian government with a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.

He also criticized the “politicization of the inquiry” in its origins. COVID-19. The US also accused the Beijing government of not taking action to control the outbreak. The Americans also suggested that the pandemic may have originated from a defect in the Wuhan laboratory.

A preliminary investigation led by the World Health Organization (WHO), reported that the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus was “most likely” from an animal to humans. However, the White House insists that further searches should be conducted.

Security guards outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China, photographed in February 2021, during a visit to the WHO – Photo: Thomas Peter / Archive / Reuters

Xi has also pledged to halt the construction of Chinese coal-fired power plants abroad, a pledge that coincides with a move by China to reduce its carbon emissions by 2060.

The Chinese president had already said that the Asian giant would reach its emissions peak in 2030, but after that date it would move towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

“We need to improve global governance, actively respond to climate change, and build a community of life for man and nature,” Xi said.

China has pledged to increase support for green and low-carbon energy projects to other developing countries. Not long ago, Biden also announced that he would double US aid so that developing countries could implement action to combat global warming.

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