Coronavirus: how London ended the Kovid-19 deaths

Coronavirus: how London ended the Kovid-19 deaths

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The streets of London were deserted during the lockdown; UK launches relaxation of restrictive measures

With a lockdown since the beginning of the year and the progression of vaccination in the United Kingdom, for the second time this year in London, a day when no deaths were recorded.

This happened on Sunday, 28 March, according to information from Public Health England (PHE), the British government’s public health agency. The data take into account patients who died within 28 days after a positive coronavirus test.

By the same token across the UK, the number of deaths recorded on Sunday was 19. After reaching its peak in January, the number of total deaths has been falling. In the last seven days, it totaled 437, representing a decrease of more than 30% in relation to the previous week. At the same time, the number of hospitals has also been registered.

London accounted for 12% of coronovirus deaths in the UK and was the focus of the first wave of epidemics in 2020. At the height of the first wave, in April last year, there were approximately 230 virus-related deaths per day. Registered in the capital of England.

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