Coronavirus Live News: Spain is the first European country to report 500,000 cases, with 890,000 deaths worldwide. World News


UK wedding firms have been told they will return couples who are unable to exchange decorations without breaking the rules, despite mandatory monitoring by the bride and groom’s complaints. .

The Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA) said locations and suppliers must pay people in full, unless services or goods have already been supplied or the company has incurred costs.

Couples planning to get married in the lock-down race and have been reported ever since Difficulties getting money back for events and receptions That they were forced to cancel because going forward meant breaking the rules of physical distance.

In some cases, couples are offered only a partial refund, or incur additional costs after moving their date to another date:


60,000 may have ‘long covids’ for more than three months – UK study

More than 60,000 people in the UK have been suffering from “long covid” for more than three months, unable to get the care they need to recover from the long and debilitating symptoms.

Tim Spector is a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London who runs an app-based operation. Covid symptom studyAbout 300,000 people were reported to have symptoms lasting more than a month, he said.

A minority has been persecuted for a long time; About 60,000 people have reported symptoms for more than three months. Some cases are mild, but others are severely debilitating with shortness of breath and fatigue. Some people have had to use wheelchairs. Others say that trying to do things every day, such as shopping or climbing stairs, can leave them sleeping for days:

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Global deaths pass 890,000


Spain became the first country in Western Europe to pass 500,000 cases



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