Despite Omicron’s progress, some countries make it difficult for Brazilians to enter; Know what they are. Brazil

Despite Omicron’s progress, some countries make it difficult for Brazilians to enter;  Know what they are.  Brazil

number of confirmed cases of Micron Version from Covid-19 In Brazil it has increased, although it is still at a low level. According to the latest balance sheet released by the Ministry of Health on Christmas Eve, 45 cases have been detected in the country so far – 27 in Sao Paulo, 4 in Goiás, 3 in Minas Gerais, 3 in Rio Grande do Sul and 2 in Huh. federal District. Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo and Santa Catarina reported one case each. Another 69 are under investigation around the national territory.

Despite numbers pointing to a possible increase in Omicron’s presence in Brazil over the next few weeks, some countries have strict restrictions for it. entry of brazilians end of this year. Most maintain a more enforced “open with restrictions” status, that is, they require proof of vaccination and a negative test for COVID-19.

Countries that Brazilians may find it more difficult to enter are those with extensive restrictive measures, while the vast majority are directly restricting the passage of citizens or people of other nationalities, most recently from southern African countries. Where the Omicron version would have emerged. The most commonly targeted are: South Africa, Botswana, Essuatine (formerly Swaziland), Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Passengers line up at Salt Lake City International Airport in the United States — Photo: Rick Bomer/AP

Other countries where travelers from Brazil have to undergo quarantine are North Korea, Azerbaijan, Benin, Brunei, Bulgaria, Bhutan, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Djibouti, Eritrea, Esuatini, Falkland Islands, Philippines, Laos, Libya, Lesotho , Iraq, Kuwait, New Zealand, Taiwan, East Timor, Singapore, Vietnam, among other smaller countries.

In Europe, the most common destination among Brazilian tourists, Italy still places restrictions on entry for Brazilians arriving directly from Brazil. A 14-day quarantine is required, but some travelers have chosen to enter the continent through other countries that already allow access to Brazilians who have been tested for COVID-19 before trying to enter Italy. 19 has been vaccinated for and tested negative.

Portugal, Spain, England, Switzerland and Finland are some of the European countries accepting the entry of fully vaccinated tourists from Brazil. Germany and France also accept, but still with restrictions on CoronaVac. Poland, Latvia and Luxembourg, for example, side with Italy and continue to restrict entry to travelers arriving directly from Brazil.

In Russia, Brazilian tourists are not required to undergo quarantine unless they have symptoms and an examination reveals contamination upon entry, but they must present a medical insurance policy that is valid throughout Russia and should cover possible case of infection by Covid-19. country, plus a negative PCR test up to three days prior to travel.

For those who have booked trips to the above countries or others, it is advisable to confirm the current status regarding Brazilians with the consulates or embassies of the destination countries prior to boarding.

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