Fortnite: Who is the best player in Brazil? View List | FORTNITE

Fortnite: Who is the best player in Brazil?  View List |  FORTNITE

Brazil has a comprehensive list of good players fortnite, one of the most played battle royale in the world. With representatives from the Fortnite World Championship and a well-structured national championship, the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), the landscape in the country is strong and give Epic Games brings you ten of Brazil’s biggest names in the game.

Fortnite: LOUD declares Vinicius “Frosty” — Photo: LOUD

The trio champions of Season 5 of the FNCS, the most recent edition of the championship, are in the top 3 of the rankings; Brian “KINGBR” Nunes, Carlos “CADU” Maura and Igor “Seyun”. Three, still young, have already made a name for themselves in the Brazilian scene, winning titles and a prize of $1.5 million. Other highlights are Leonardo “Leleo”, Cao “Wishedp”, Henrik “Kurtz” and Nicolas “Knicks”, who were present at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup (last year’s edition was canceled due to the coronavirus crisis).

See who are the ten best Fortnite players in Brazil right now:

CADU is one of the main Fortnite players in Brazil – Photo: Disclosure

Ira Eternity athlete was in the champion trio of the last two editions of the FNCS, with two Vittorius Royale and 126 kills in twelve matches, totaling 334 points in T6. He won the top 3 in the last three Solo Cash Cups, and also won the final Trios Cash Cup with Thiago “K1ng” and Seyun. His Fortnite earnings are estimated at US$104,000 (approximately R$520,000). Its recent rise is proof that much effort pays off, as has been on the scene since 2019.

One of the trio that won the FNCS in Seasons 5 and 6, the Team Vikings player is one of the trio’s main captains in the Epic Battle Royale scenario, with plenty of game vision and calmness to command their forces. With 21 titles in the Fortnite tournament, Seeyun has already reached prizes in excess of US$99.9k (R$499.5k) and heads of Brazil’s servers since finishing in the top 3 with Kaique “KBR” in the couple of Season 2. is present in. FNCS, April 2020.

Nick Fortnite – Photo: Reproduction

The Hero Bass athlete was one of the highlights of the Brazilian delegation at the previous Fortnite World Cup, as he is the only representative from the country to qualify for the Solo and Duo categories. Considered one of the brightest players and with the best mechanics on the BR server, Nick has had a fantastic 2021, topping the top 1 in two weeks in the Trio Cash Cup, top 3 in T6 in the FNCS and in duos in the Lelio Cup of career Captured the top 5.

Loud Lelio — Photo: Reproduction

One of the most beloved athletes in the community and perhaps the most well-known name in Fortnite, Brazil, Lelio is the main player of the LOUD squad, one of the largest eSports organizations in the country. Known with great ability to play any role that Solo would do well in Duo or Trio, from Captain to Support, Lelio also represented the country in the Fortnite Worlds and was the best result of a fall in Solo. , ranked 12th in the first. Collect a total of $129K (BRL645,000) in tournament prizes.

King BR Fortnite — Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

The Team Singularity athlete was one of the highlights of the final edition of the FNCS, when he was the champion of the tournament along with CADU and Seeyun. He is one of the most outstanding players in the clutch on the server, winning the Lelio Cup and Pulga Cup in the duo with Kurtz in the top 5. He also had a great moment in the first qualifier of the FNCS T6, when he won the trio stage. Its revenue in Fortnite tournaments exceeds US $ 151.3 thousand (R $ 756.5 thousand), the highest value among all Brazilians.

The FNAYC player is one of the best in the Brazilian scene in the duo and trio categories, qualifying for the world with Gustavo “x8” when he was in the top 50 of the competition. It is a constant presence in the FNCS and Cash Cup, having already earned a meager US$106,000 (R$530,000) in Fortnite tournaments.

Kurtz, professional Fortnite player – Photo: Disclosure

The QUASAR athlete was the champion of Euro Cup Brazil, Epic’s official tournament in the solo category in June this year, having started his career in 2019 at the age of just 14. By the way, at that age, Kurtz was already participating in Worlds Fortnite, when he ranked 27th in the solo category, the best result among Brazilians. He has already won US$144,000 (R$720,000) in the 22 tournaments he has participated in.

Vinicius “Frosty” Alexandre

Frosty doesn’t have this nickname for nothing: The LOUD player is known for its coolness in finishing matches, and is one of the most beloved content creators in the country. A recent top 10 at the FNCS All-Star Showdown guaranteed him one of the top names in Brazilian Fortnite. This is also a reference to Epic Battle Royale players who use joysticks. Its prizes exceed 130 thousand US dollars (R $ 650 thousand).

Fortnite Players Blackout – Photo: Reproduction Re

Fortnite from Cloud 9, another great star in Blackout’s Brazilian scene, has been in a competitive field since 2018 and has already reaped many of the fruits of his hard work. He was really shaken by not qualifying for the 2019 Worlds, but he came back on top, winning a Top 15 in the final FNCS in Trios and a Top 10 in Duo at the Pulga Cup, both of which he played this year. Its collection has already reached US$ 73,000 (R$ 365 thousand).

Felipersa Fortnite — Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Felipersa is relatively new to the scene, but he has already made a name for himself among the mainstays in Brazil, with great skill in a hurry. His two top 1s with the Abstract in the Cash Cup this year have kept him at this level, even though his career only started in January. The player also stood out in previous FNCS, being in the top 3 of the competition. In profit, there were already US$61,000 (R$305 thousand) in prizes in these seven months as a pro player.

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