Meet Vinicius Sensi, New World MMA Revelation – 10/16/2021

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Vinicius Sensi Is Recognizing Himself as One of the Great Revelations of World MMA. With a tremendous 7-1 record, the fighter moved to the United States 4 months ago to try to enter the big world events. His adaptation is taking place in Kings MMA, where Brazilians are interacting with great MMA fighters.

The international debut couldn’t have been better, a submission in the first round showing his versatility in the world of fighting. After so many victories, we do sports news world We interviewed the fighter exclusively.

international premiere

How was your international debut? Did you get butterflies in your stomach?

– My international debut was really good. I’m practically four months away in the United States, I arrived with a scheduled fight, but it didn’t happen. So, I was helping a lot of Kings MMA athletes, I attended Kelvin Gastelum and Giga Chikadze’s camps. I was coming from several high level athlete camps and a last minute fight ensued. I was ready for a small event or a big event. I managed to get there, it was a great fight. I got a submission in the first round, it was the best possible debut.

– I have those butterflies in my stomach, yes! It wasn’t a big event, but the fight is a fight anyway. Even more international, it gives butterflies in your stomach as usual.

Do you have any opponents in your mind?

Opponent, no! I’m about to fight at an event right now. I’m going to fight at the LFA on November 12th. I fought two weeks ago, I’m already training really well because I didn’t get hurt in the fight. I just arrived in Florida to help a friend on America’s top team that’s going to fight, my partner Massaranduba. I’m on America’s top team for one week, next week I’ll fly to Vegas with the team to help with the fight. It helps a lot, because I train really well, work hard.

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– Continuing their fight, I go back to King’s MMA and I have 3 more weeks for this fight in the LFA. He didn’t lock up any opponents, but the incident came in contact and asked me to fight.

The New Reality in the United States

How is the training routine going at Kings MMA?

My training routine has been great, there are many famous and high level athletes out there. So, Rafael is a very good person for me, to train me with the best and this is only adding to me and helping me grow more and more.

What is it like to be coached by one of the greatest coaches in the world?

It was really nice to train with Rafael, I even talked to him. Before coming here and meeting him. I thought he was a very closed person who doesn’t talk much because of the media. But, he himself has been a master for me. It has put me in good training, saying nice things to me, helping me grow professionally and especially. So he has a very good vision, he throws you up. He is the one person who can make you happy even when you are sad and away from your family. A person of light, one who elevates you personally and professionally. I think the coach is doing something new and delivering great things for us.

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How is the country changing? Are you still getting used to or are you used to it?

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The time zone is different, the culture changes a lot, I’m still getting used to it. But, the cool thing about Kings MMA is that there are a lot of Brazilians. There are also plenty of Americana and gringo’s that make the crowd cheer great. He gave me a warm welcome. So here I am managing to adapt and feel good.

What is the difference between training in Kings and training in Brazil?

– In Brazil I trained in Thai development, the training was also very good. But here I believe they train more targeting. There are days when you have to be strong, there are days when you have to release or rest. So in Brazil I didn’t know how to relax, I didn’t know how to workout less, I’m learning it here. It’s all thought, you know! Know how to up your routine with weak, strong and moderate workouts. So here’s a better routine.

Do you have any big targets in the short to medium term?

My goal now is to train well, to be stable here for the next fight. Always my goal is the next fight. In the medium long term, my focus has always been on the UFC. I’ve wanted the UFC since I started training. I think it’s getting closer every day, the goal is to enter the UFC. Now fighting this. I have a 7-1 card, coming from 7 wins in a row. The goal is to close the year 8-1. And see what the next year holds for me. If UFC comes, I will have to do a few fights, but the focus is always on the next fight. To stay well, and wait for the UFC contract at the best of times, I believe it will come.

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