Record break climbers returned from Everest

Alpinistas que quebraram recordes retornam do Monte Everest
Record-breaking climbers returned from Mount Everest
Photo: Reuters

After setting a record on growth of Mount everest, The largest mountain on the planet, climbers celebrated their achievements, although some say they were too tired to outline their next climbing plans.

75-year-old Arthur Muir, a retired Chicago lawyer, became a citizen of America The oldest to reach the peak of 8,848.86 meters on 23 May – the general record holder in this category is the Japanese Yuichiro Miura, who reached the summit of Everest in 2013 at the age of 80.

Tsang Yin-hung, 45, a former teacher Hong Kong, Less than 26 hours later, became a fast mountain climbing woman. Climbers usually spend several days in various camps before reaching the peak.

Finally, 46-year-old Chinese Zhang Hong became Asia’s first blind person and the world’s third person to climb Everest. Nepali Da Parvat – previously only performed in 2001 by American Eric Wehenmeyer and in 2017 by Austrian Andy Holzer.

Muir, who has three children and six grandchildren – including one born while climbing Everest – said it was too early to decide his future plans.

“I have not decided yet,” he told reporters at the Kathmandu airport after returning from the mountain.

Muir, who gave up his previous attempt to win the world’s highest peak after falling off the ladder in 2019 and breaking his ankle, said he was already tired when he reached the summit.

He, who started climbing mountains in South America and Alaska after retiring at the age of 68, said, “To be honest, I was surprised when I got there, but I was too tired to stand … and very It was windy and very cold. “

75-year-old Arthur Muir is the oldest American to reach the summit of Everest
Arthur Muir (D), 75, became the oldest American to reach the summit of Everest
Photo: Reuters

He said he is not scared, despite reports of an outbreak COVID-19 In the base camp, as he was vaccinated and followed health protocols before arriving in Nepal.

Meanwhile, Tsang reached the summit in 25 hours and 50 minutes after leaving the base camp, making two brief stops before reaching the summit.

He broke the 39-hour-6-minute record set by Nepali Phunjo Zhangmu Lama in 2017.

“I feel kind of relieved and I’m happy because I’m not looking to break the record,” she said. “I just want to challenge myself … so I feel relieved because I can prove my work to my friends and students.”

Tsang Yin-hung (C) became the fastest woman to climb Everest
Hong Kong’s Tsang Yin-Hung (C) became the fastest woman to climb Everest in 25 hours and 50 minutes
Photo: Reuters

Personal determination overcomes fear

Or mountaineer Zhang, from ChinaOnly the third blind person in the world to reach the summit of Everest said that his achievement shows that the most important thing is mental determination to achieve the goal which may seem impossible.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re disabled, if your eyesight is gone, you don’t have legs or hands, it doesn’t matter, as long as you have a strong mind, you can always accomplish something that Others say to you. Can’t, “he said.

Zhang completed the feat by teaming up with three high-altitude guides, and returned to base camp on Thursday (27). Born in the southwestern city of Chongqing, he lost his eye light at the age of 21 due to glaucoma.

Zhang Hong (E) became the third blind person to conquer Everest
With the help of three guides, Chinese Zhang Hong (E), 46, became the third person to conquer the summit of Everest
Photo: Reuters

The climber said, “I was so scared, because I couldn’t see where I’m walking and I couldn’t find my center of gravity, so sometimes I fell.”

“But I kept thinking that, although it was difficult, I had to face these difficulties. It is a component of climbing, there are difficulties and dangers and that is the meaning of climbing.”

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