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Mysterious silver monolith disappears from Utah desert

Monoliths have come to amazing places over the past few weeks, including an American desert, a British beach and a Belgian territory.

Many of these tall, shiny pillars have been found on sites around the world since mid-November without warning or explanation.

The first was discovered in the United States when a helicopter crew flew over a remote area of ​​sheep in the Utah desert, spotting a strange statue below.

It disappeared for several days after first seeing it near the Petrodwa Dacian Fort, an archeological site in the northern Nemat country.

In December, a metal monolith in the middle of a field in Bassroad, Belgium, also mysteriously appeared.

People inspect a metal monolith on a farm in Bassroad, Belgium, on December 8.


Strange tall structures have also been seen popping up in Spain, Germany and Colombia when the first monolith was found in the United States.

Back in the UK, the word “not Bantsey” also appeared at the top of the Glastonbury Tour.

As the mystery surrounds the first unification, an anonymous group called the most famous artist took credit for it in Utah and California. Many replicas are selling 45,000 (£ 34,000) for each.

However, when asked about the structure of the oil field, he said: “At this point the monopoly is beyond my control. Godspeed is working hard to spread the myth to all foreigners around the world. ”

A shiny monolithic island appeared on White Beach

(ਟਰ Reuters by Alexia Arfishwick)

Commenting on his choice of location, Tom Dunford, 29, told the BBC: [Covid restrictions]”

The stars have compared it to a movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, Where an alien monolith is a recurring symbol that seems to play a role in the development of human development.

Brit Hutchings, a helicopter pilot who had previously seen the Utah Monolith, told local news station KSLTV that he thought the structures could be “a new wave artist” or someone who is a fan of the Stanley Kubrick movie. Was.

In November, a monolith appeared and disappeared from the Ikea Desert


Speaking of Romanian monoliths, Andrea Carbelia, Mayor of Pitra Nemet, wrote: Facebook: “There is no reason to be afraid of those who think that there is still life in the universe.”

The mayor said, “I guess some foreigners, abusive and horrible teenagers have seen their parents’ UFOs.” He left home and started installing metal monoliths all over the world, ”said the mayor. “First in Utah and then in Pitra Nimet. I am proud that they chose our city. ”

Speculations also followed the disappearance of the monoliths.

A monolithic stadium stands on a hill in Atascadiro, California


Officials say tourists hit the plants with their cars and leave human waste behind.

Meanwhile, officials in the city of Atascadero, California Said The stream was torn down by a group of youths who traveled five hours in the middle of the night to remove it.

Local Mayor Heather Moreno said: “We are concerned that these young people felt the need to run for five hours to get into our community and break the monotony. “Eka was unique and fun in times of stress alone.”

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