What to Know Before Placing Your First Online Bet in Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma already has more than 100 tribal casinos, making it a popular gambling destination. Legalized sports betting, however, has never occurred, either online or in a land-based gambling establishment.

To legalize sports wagering, a modification must be made to an agreement between the county and tribal casinos that governs all other forms of gambling.

Horse racing became the first legalized sport for betting in 1982, and three race tracks were opened to the public at that time. Because of the advent of slot and video gambling machines, these establishments were dubbed “racinos”.

In 2002, the state allowed tribal gambling, including blackjack and table games, and casinos quickly appeared. Because of the federal restriction on sports gambling in 1993, it was not included in the state’s gaming statute.

With 33 tribal gambling compacts, Oklahoma has considered legalizing online poker and casino games in 2013. Oklahoma Governor Mary Falline allegedly agreed to spend $9.6 million to establish a park with the Cheyenne and Apache tribes after signing an agreement with them.

This decision was made in 2015 when the US Department of Homeland Security replaced the state legislature in charge of the project.

So far, it is unclear how the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn PASPA would affect the state’s casino industry.

Sports Betting in Oklahoma at the Moment

The main question is: is sports betting legal in Oklahoma or not? To cut things short, betting on sports through the internet is currently illegal in Oklahoma. On the other hand, there are more than 100+ land-based bookies in Oklahoma, where all betting currently takes place. The government and tribal casinos have been asked to incorporate sports betting clauses in their deal.

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Bill 3375, a new Oklahoma sports betting bill, intends to make pool betting legal for residents of the state as well. It hasn’t been voted on as of March 2018.

The state’s School Reform Perpetual Fund will get 88 percent of the $28 million in annual tax revenue produced by this type of gaming.

No matter how hard they try, Oklahomans find a method to wager on their favorite sports leagues like the NFL or NBA despite the fact that it is unlawful to do so. This is made possible by the companies that offer offshore online betting. In nations where gambling is allowed, offshore betting organizations operate.

If you live in Oklahoma or any other place where gambling on sports is outlawed, you may simply wager on your favorite team from an offshore site. Despite the fact that this is an excellent alternative to regular sports betting websites, it is still recommended that you do more study on the subject.

Are There Any Oklahoma Online Sports Betting Options?

Apart from daily fantasy sports, all forms of betting, whether online or in-person, are prohibited.

A wide range of professional and amateur sports will be available to bet on if full-scale sports betting is legalized in the Sooner State.

Sports fans in Oklahoma are mostly interested in the Oklahoma Thunder, the state’s lone professional club. Russel Westbrook and Chris Paul from one of the league’s best 1-2 punches for the Thunder, who are a regular in the Nfc West Playoffs.

Betting on Fantasy Sports

Yes. Fanduel, FanDuel, and Dream Draft are among the Daily Fantasy Sports choices available to residents of Oklahoma.

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Other states are still working on legislation to allow daily fantasy sports (DFS) wagering, but Oklahoma has already enacted a bill that might lead to sports betting.

Both the Fantasy Sports Business Group and the US Regulatory Board monitor fantasy sports. Players in jurisdictions where daily fantasy sports (DFS) are legal can now play in the game without worry of losing money.

What is the Future of Online Sports Betting in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma may not be racing toward regulation, but there are numerous factors that point to it being more likely than not.

Numerous studies have shown that legalized sports gambling may have a favorable impact on a state’s economy.

According to the Cambridge Economics Group, more than 4,500 employees and an estimated $275 million in annual gaming revenue would be created in the state of Oklahoma. Indeed, politicians will have a tough time ignoring such big sums.

Although no law has been presented, other states are contemplating allowing sports betting.

Because of the state’s extensive usage of tribal casinos, Oklahoma faces special challenges when it comes to collecting taxes.

Despite the fact that sports betting was still illegal in Oklahoma in 2018, a new measure was submitted in the state senate. This is an important first step for the various betting companies looking to generate money from legal sports betting.

With the cooperation of tribal casinos, the addition of sports gambling features to existing compacts is now on a clear road forward.

As soon as the government and the tribes have worked out all of the details, we expect to see land-based casinos in Oklahoma casinos. Sports betting on the internet is simply a matter of time.

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