With the progress in vaccination, countries are easing restrictions; Brazil ranks 47th in Proportional Immunization – World

With the progress in vaccination, countries are easing restrictions;  Brazil ranks 47th in Proportional Immunization - World

Progress in immunization campaigns and the results obtained after measures of strict social isolation have favored countries. Israel a The uk Slowly resume your activities. The Middle East country, which has already vaccinated 52.5% of citizens with at least one dose of the vaccine, completes this Sunday (28), a week of easy quarantine measures and a comprehensive form Is preparing to shut down from March.

> The body infected with the Kovid-19 Manaus variant contains 10 times more viruses, says Firokruz.

> The number of coronavirus viruses that cause concern increases to six

In the United Kingdom, 28.8% of the population has already been vaccinated, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is of the view that schools should be reopened by next month and relaxed regulations. With the imminent collapse of the public health system, A. Brazil Today only 3% of its population is immunized and is ranked 47th in the per capita dose ranking.

In Israel, until this Saturday (27), about 8 million doses of vaccine against Kovid-19. More than half of the population (52.5%) has already taken at least the first dose, and 37.1% of Israelis have already been vaccinated. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to vaccinate all citizens over the age of 16 by the end of next month to re-expand measures starting in April.

Last Sunday (21), the country already loosened restrictions, yet allowed access to shops, museums, libraries, shopping malls, a façade and distance, among other leisure places.

Access to the synagogue, hotel and gym is also permitted, upon presentation of the so-called “Green Passport” given by the Ministry of Health, one week after the application of the second dose and valid for six months. Face-to-face primary school classes have also resumed in cities with contagion under control, and high school classes are expected to return from next month.

Israel began its third imprisonment at the end of last year, a week after being vaccinated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, launching a national campaign on 20 December.

Last Saturday (20), the Israeli Ministry of Health revealed studies that showed a 95.8% drop in risk of developing Kovid-19, who took both doses of the Pfizer / Bayonetec vaccine, and 98% reported fever and respiratory problems. There was effectiveness in stopping. From illness.

On Thursday (25), Netanyahu starred in Purim, a video calling in Israel to vaccinate during a Jewish holiday, and made fun of countless people “Fake newsPromoted against vaccines.

When asked about the possible implantation of a microchip by a character, the Prime Minister replies: “We want the infection to subside to return to normal life”. In another moment, he makes fun of a man dressed as a clown who says he is afraid of a vaccine. “Don’t be a clown, before confirming the safety of defenders and the study behind them,” says Netanyahu.

The uk

In the United Kingdom, 4th on the per capita vaccination list, 28.8% of people have already received at least one dose of the vaccine against Kovid-19. The vaccination campaign, started on 8 December, is the main pillar Reopen solution The announcement was made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week, aimed at ending social sanctions altogether on 21 June.

The plan is divided into four phases, the first of which will begin on 8 March. At this first moment, the schools will reopen, with games and outdoor activities continuing. Meetings in public places will be allowed for two people who live in separate homes, and nursing home residents may receive one visitor each on a regular basis. Valid for measure EnglandScotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have the autonomy to define their restrictive policies.

The next phase is planned on March 29, when an open meeting should be allowed for a maximum of six people or two families. Sports equipment such as football fields, tennis courts or basketball courts will be reopened, and sporting activities will be organized for adults and children, such as school and grassroots categories.

Boris Johnson plans to reopen four factors: Immunization program continues as planned, Evidence suggests vaccines are reducing deaths and demanding hospitals, There is no risk of increased infections and hospitalization, and newer versions of the virus do not change the risk of lifting restrictions.


Compared to the Oxford University project in England “Data in our world”, comparative data in terms of vaccination puts Brazil at only 47th in the ranking of administered doses in proportion to population. So far, 3.9 doses have been applied per 100 Brazilians in the country (over 8.1 million doses in total). Only 0.8% of the Brazilian population received the two doses required for vaccination.

List of 10 Proportional Immunization Countries:

  • Israel – 89.6 doses per 100 people
  • Seychelles – 77.6 doses per 100 people
  • United Arab Emirates – 61.6 servings per 100 people
  • United Kingdom – 30 servings per 100 people
  • United States – 21.2 doses per 100 people
  • Serbia – 20 doses per 100 people
  • Maldives Islands – 19.3 doses per 100 people
  • Bahrain – 18.7 doses per 100 people
  • Chile – 17.9 doses per 100 people
  • Malta – 15.2 doses per 100 people

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